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The art of making the invisible visible

Whether we are awake to the fact or not, all of us find ourselves somewhere on the evolutionary journey to our fullest emergence  and highest consciousness.

If we take on the challenge and practice of our own development, at some
point we need to wake up to the fact that our worldview is both fluid and
determines how we interpret and interact with the world.

Each consecutive developmental stage is capable of being with and
navigating greater complexity and (ideally) expands its circle of care and awareness to be more inclusive.

And the process or dynamic at the heart of this developmental growth is what pioneering Harvard professor Robert Kegan calls the ‘subject object move’

Development is not a race to the finish line. It is the journey of our lives. The way we come to see and re-see ourselves and the world around us.

- Jennifer Garvey Berger

 Transformation occurs when you are newly able to step back and reflect on something and make decisions about it.  What was subject, becomes object. While things that are  subject have you, you have things that are object.

I help you facilitate this new awareness that provides the necesssary opening to see and connect with the hidden assumptions, structures and patterns that have been running you, as well as the more expansive alternatives.

It allows you to see new choices, to practice and experiment with new behaviours and perspectives that are more expansive and appropriate. 

Inspired by ‘The Art of Developmental Coaching’ (2022), by Coaches Rising; Berger, J.G. (2006). Key Concepts for Understanding the Work of Robert Kegan. Kenning Associates white paper.


Developmental Coaching

I help you to explore and understand your meaning making, and what your own perspective enables and disables in your relationships and in achieving your goals. I support you in creating new perspectives that provide fertile ground for learning new skills.

Developmental Programmes

I create programmes that help you, your team and organisation develop, manage complexity and use it to your advantage. You become better able to welcome diverse perspectives, to use conflict as a way to deepen trust and uncover patterns that lead to new possibilities.

Focus on Collaboration

Learn more about the FOC programme I facilitate with Heidi Brepoels



Some of the topics I speak about:
  • A dive into constructive developmental theory and how it can change people’s lives
  • How investing in development can buffer stress & burnout
  • Psychological safety and how to create it
  • Leading change: how to help others transform by investing into your own development

Feedback and psychological safety

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