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I am thrilled to announce that I’ve joined¬†Harthill Consulting Ltd¬†as an Associate Partner.

Harthill’s work is facilitating shifts in the world towards healthier social, commercial and natural ecosystems.

We support organisations, teams, leaders and coaches by developing their key capacities for working in complex, rapidly changing systems.

Our work is grounded in our well-researched and globally established model, the Leadership Development Framework, a key model in the field of Vertical Adult Development.

And some other exciting news: the Leader Development Profile (LDP) will soon be available in Dutch!

Looking forward to working with Harthill’s wonderful community, making a positive difference in the world.

The Harthill Community

The core team at Harthill are supported by an extensive network of worldwide associates trained and experienced LDP coaches. This is a growing Community of Practice in the area of adult leadership development in 21 countries. We are well resourced with a high level international consultant base in the Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America.

Our coaches are both experienced and accredited professional coaches as well as being trained in adult development. The Developmental Coaching approach combined with the use of the LDP is unique to Harthill. The focus in our coaching on the capacities and domains specific to each individual coachee supports the creation of a development agenda surgically precise and supportive of each individual coachee.

This coaching approach helps leaders to better navigate complexity, to understand and flex multiple perspectives, to stand back, understand themselves in new ways, and become more aware of how they relate to themselves, others and wider systems.

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