Leadership Development Profile

Mapping your developmental journey


Discover your action logics

Everything we do, in every context in which we interact, is shaped by the meaning we are making in each moment. We humans are ‘incessant storytellers’

Action Logics are forms of meaning-making and relate to our meaning-making capacities that determine how we approach, understand and respond to the world and our experiences. 

The Leadership Development Profile proposes 9 distinct forms of meaning-making on a continuous developmental spectrum.

Your unique Leadership Development Profile allows you to discover and fully understand where you are now in your developmental journey and what your most active Action Logics are, shaping your current thinking and behaviour.


Together we will explore your profile

During the debrief you will get more insight into your most active Action Logics and how these show up in your different roles and shape your current everyday life.

You will discover the expansiveness and richness of your current meaning-making,  the limitations of it, as well as your leading growth edges.

This conversation will provide you with a deeper insight into what Vertical Development really looks and feels like, and what it is that actually grows and changes.

An LDP Coaching Debrief is not just a feedback session.  It is a developmental conversation, one-on-one, in which your Developmental Inquiry gets going. 

Developmental Inquiry weaves together the unique data in your report, your current situation and challenges, and your chosen development practices.

The process may unlock new perspectives on who you were, who you are, and who you may become.

Who you were

Who you are

Who you will become

Map your developmental journey with the LDP


Unfold your journey

We will design your developmental inquiry to your needs. The process will help you develop and transform your meaning-making. Development is fluid. The LDP will show you how your developmental needs, dilemmas and practice can evolve as you grow. It’s not an extra activity, but will be integrated into your work and life. The process will grow and evolve just as you do.

I will accompany you on your journey


Why choose the LDP?

The LDP is rooted in more than 50 years of international research. The reliability and validity of the assessment method has been widely established by leading universities in Europe and the US since the 1970’s. 

You will be invited to complete 32 sentence stems. An experienced and qualified rater will carry out the profiling. 

The LDP is available in multiple languages.

Join 13.000 others in more than 40 countries who also used the LDP to support their development.

32 sentence

> 50 years



qualified and
experienced raters


The LDP was developed by Harthill, my international partner and leader in Vertical Development

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