The art of making the invisible visible

Are you keeping up?

Everything seems to be moving faster and faster.
Our world is more complex than ever.
You're always running behind the facts.

You often think next week will be better.
Or maybe next month? Next year?

The truth is you're struggling.
New issues keep popping up, stressing you out.

It's time to travel lighter

Where do you start?


Change starts with you

You've got big work to do.
Life changing work.

But first you need to slow down and discover how you can look inside.

That's where I come in

I can help you discover the lens you see life, work and relationships through.

I help you explore your current stage of development and identify your growth edges.

Vertical Development can provide the holding space to open the rucksack and lighten the load.

We all have our stuff and personal work. Freedom from being captured by your fears, your unfinished business and your shadow side can be life-changing.

I will guide you on your developmental journey

Vertical Development is the process of learning to see the world through new eyes and changing the interpretations and meanings we ascribe to life experience.

Vertical Development unfolds by reflection, awareness-raising and personal insight.

It can lead you to changes in perspective and an increased capacity to see, understand, empathise, and be in stronger contact with ourselves, others, and the world.

I will hold space so you can explore new territory

Every person is unique.
Each developmental process is different.

Depending on your current stage of development, you will open new doors and develop your capacities further.

Increased awareness.
Deeper self-reflection and presence. Being comfortable with 'fallback'.

Becoming more relationally skilled. Listening to learn. Asking more and better questions. Manage conflict differently.

Understanding why others sometimes don't get you and you sometimes don't get others. Appreciating multiple realities.

Expanding bandwith for dealing with complexity. Develop a systems perspective and discover the interconnectedness of things.

We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.

- Source unknown

How Vertical Developmental Coaching works

Every coaching package is tailored to your needs, but in general the process looks something like this:

Discovery Session


In this first session we’re having a first glance at what brings you to coaching, your challenges and who you want to be in this chapter of your life. We’ll explore whether now is the right time for you to invest in coaching and whether I’m the right coach for you.

Leadership Development Profile


Your developmental journey starts with completing the LDP. It indicates your most active action logics, currently shaping your thinking and behaviour on an everyday basis.  The report also helps you to discover your growth edges.

LDP Debrief


The debrief is where your developmental inquiry starts.  I will help you  weave together the unique data from your LDP report and your current situation and challenges. Together we will choose the development practices tailored just for you.

Vertical Development in action


Blending your developmental inquiry process into your every day life and work is key. The process is specifically designed to help you develop and transform your meaning making. New opportunities will emerge creating for you a space to experiment in.

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