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Feeling called to start a new chapter in your life?

That change you’re looking for – in how you feel, how you perform, in your leadership – isn’t going to suddenly appear. At this point in your career, it’s no longer about finding the right training or the right book or the right expert to tell you what to do.

The blueprint for your way forward isn’t to be found outside you, it’s inside you

This increasingly complex and rapidly changing world places new demands on leaders that you can no longer meet by simply adding more knowledge, skills or tools to your toolbox (horizontal development).

To meet these challenges, you need to deliberately invest in your own development: increasing your mental capabilities that allow you to capitalise on all the knowledge and skills you already have.


I am Nele De Peuter and I help people, teams and organisations grow

From lawyer to psychologist, a journey

This is a second career. I spent 15 years as a lawyer in the financial sector where I worked with domestic and foreign companies, banks, brokers and multilateral institutions.

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, I started studying again. My main goal was to better understand how we can cope better with stress and the ever-present (work) pressure? Can a person change?


I obtained a Master’s degree in Work and Organizational Psychology that gave me a solid scientific foundation while also leaving many questions unanswered.

Further study and research led me down the path of ‘adult development theory’ or vertical development. And then the pieces of the puzzle fell together: there are no answers, I was asking the wrong questions.

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