Book Review #2: An Everyone Culture

This book was my first introduction to vertical development. The book starts with the following premise: “in an ordinary organization, most people are doing a second job no one is paying them for.” The book introduces you to three organizations that are doing things differently. They point the way to a qualitatively new model for people development. Imagine finding yourself in a trustworthy environment, one that tolerates – even prefers – making your weaknesses public so that your colleagues can support you in the process of overcoming that. You’re imagining a deliberately developmental organization.

What is vertical development?

As an adult we are grown up, right?

Every now and then something happens in your life that changes who you are and how you think. Major life events or crises such as starting a first job, becoming a parent, divorce, burnout, loss of a loved one,…create shifts in who we are.

Does that sound familiar?

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